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22 June 2008 @ 12:42 pm
I realize that no family is perfect, but my dad's side of the family is so close to insane (if they aren't there already) it's scary. His family consists of  himself, his sister, and his mother. My dad is the only normal on that side...My aunt is 45 and at 15, I can take better care of myself than she can at 45. And it's not because she's mentally unstable or anything....it's because my grandmother never made her grow up and always did everything for her....well that has obviously came back to kick my grandma in the ass because now my aunt lives with my grandma in Florida. She also has two daughters, Brooke and Brittany. But Brooke is in college in Virginia and Brittany lives with her dad also in Virginia. Thankfully neither of them are like my aunt.

Anyway to get on with this rant, my grandma came to visit us on Thursday (she went home today)...she drove up here with this guy Robert who lives in her apartment building. He was coming to meet this girl he knew on Facebook. Well, like a day later things didn't go so well with Robert and this girl (I don't know the whole situation). So without asking my mom and dad first, she invites him to come stay here with us.  He stays wherever he was all day Friday and then last night he calls my grandma at about 9 or so at night and he's decided he needs to come down here. He has his car so my dad gives him directions to a place where he and my grandma are going to go meet him.

The guy turns out to be nice but this just proves how insane my family is.
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